Salt sprayer (patented process)

Lien vers la vidéo du propulseur de selProcess : The salt sprayer enables operators to salt hides and skins effortlessly.

Purpose : Salting hides with a shovel is very physically demanding work that causes numerous MSDs.  The salt sprayer distributes salt quickly and effortlessly over the hides via a specifically designed nozzle with integrated controls.Ligne de salage cuirsSystem features :

  • Fully automated and secure
  • Ergonomic work stationDSC01029détouré
  • Uniform salt distribution
  • Directional spray nozzle at a comfortable height
  • Double filtration of the “clumps” before spraying (recovered salt)
  • 1,200 litre buffer hopper (2 containers) with rotary bridge breaker
  • Maximum spray rate: 7 L/second
  • Sprayer made entirely from 316 L stainless steel, specifically designed for very corrosive environments
  • Equipped with a hydraulic 600 litre pallet box lifter/tipper
  • Spray height from 200 to 1,600 mm
  • Area completely protected by safety light curtain

Specifications document available in PDF format: GMMI-Salt sprayer

See the video demonstration: