Kergrill (industrial spit roaster)

Kergrill : rôtissoire industrielle Purpose : KERGRILL is a roaster designed by our engineers to meet a very specific requirement.

KERGRILL enables the manufacturers to display the term “SPIT ROASTED”.

It meets all the requirements and standards in force.

Ergonomic :Ergonomic loading drum coupled with cranes and operated by a hand winch for easy, accurate and secure application.

Hygiene : Food processing type design in 304 L stainless steel without buffer area. Integrated tray for collecting drippings.

Capacity :

  • Loading: Five strips of ham length 1300 mm
  • Average rate: 25/hour

Safety : KERGRILL is certified by the CERTIGAZ CE 1312 European Organization (Gas cooking appliance).

Technical sheet (PDF) : GMMI – Kergrill

Kergrill : rôtissoire industrielle Kergrill : rôtissoire industrielle