Kerspray (Spraying, atomizing, dosing)

This multifunction module was designed to meet your most varied expectations:

  • Spraying by direct injection
  • Atomizing the product to be deposited
  • Accurate and quick dosing
  • Online, batch, step by step work, etc.

Developed for IAA, the KERPSPRAY V2 module does not pollute the product to be deposited

  • An integrated sequence enables easy cleaning at the end of production
  • Combining the KERSPRAY V2 module with the quality of DELAVAN nozzles ensures uniformity, accuracy and a remarkable repetitiveness
  • Easy implementation by a “plug and spray” system and its 99 programmable recipes make it a practical tool that will support you whatever your production changes
  • The product to be deposited is fed in multiple ways: By drum, centralized tank, open tank, etc.
  • A tank may be filled or a drum changed during production

KERSPRAY is a standalone module (plug and spray) for depositing a film or a liquid product dose (alcohol, sugared water, chocolate, etc.) on a moving item (cakes, Viennese pastries, piece of meat, ice cream, tart, tin, etc.).

KERSPRAY can be easily incorporated into your manufacturing lines and adapts to many configurations (single track moving of unlimited products, unlimited number of nozzles, maximum speed per nozzle: 300 cycles/min, minimum quantity per nozzle: 0.002 ml/cycle).

Depending on the output and the desired result, the spraying is generated either by liquid pressure or by a combination of pressurised air + liquid.

KERSPRAY’s design enables it to be directly integrated into your production line. It is also very flexible as 99 configurations can be saved (each consisting of spraying time and quantity of sprayed product).

Its efficient automatic control system is controlled by a Touch screen with simplified functions enabling quick commissioning by the operators.

KERSPRAY thus consists of a product reserve, a set of regulations controlled by a touch screen, a spray assembly and an optional conveyor.

Technical solutions :

  • Number of recipes : 99 recordable configurations
  • Spraying : Direct mode or atomizing mode
  • Moving products : Single track to unlimited
  • Number of nozzles : unlimited (unlimited depositing area)
  • Maximum rate per nozzle : 300 cycles/min
  • Minimum quantity per nozzle : 0.002 ml/cycle
  • Power supply : 240/400 V +G
  • Compressed air : 6 bars

Technical sheet : GMMI – Kerspray