Gibpompe (pump with SYRINGE type valves)

GIBPOMPE is a pump with SYRINGE type valves.

Purpose :  Special design intended to handle delicate products: liquid, viscous liquid and also solid/water or liquid with particles.

Hygiene :  Feed pump, designed for optimum cleaning, quick dismantling for inspection

Dual function :

  • Pump for transfer
  • Volumetric measurement


Example of transferred products :

  • Gizzard, heart, liver, neck of poultry
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Blood
  • Doughy solution (Pâté, surimi, terrine, etc.)
  • Lard
  • Oil, vinaigrette with particle, cream
  • Etc.

Gibpompe (pompe pour liquides, liquides épais, liquides visqueux, liquides chargés…)

Characteristics (Gibpompe DN100-5) :

  • Powerful transfer: 285 DaN at 6 bars
  • Maximum output: 5m3/h
  • Air consumption: between 0.5 m3 and 4 m3/h max at 6 bars
  • Energy: Compressed air (for reasons of safety and simplicity, GIBPOMPE operates without electrical power)
  • Easy dismantling: Thanks to its clamp type assembly, GIBPOMPE always enables quick quality control

Entirely built with stainless steel and synthetic materials.

Its clever design makes it an economical, silent, reliable pump, which does not require any special maintenance

Option : shell launcher : The shell launcher ensures complete draining of pipes.

Technical sheet : GMMI – Gibpompe 2017