Polystyrene shredder (PSE)


The operator can very quickly and freely, clear his crates, he does not need to remove labels, rubber bands or hooks. Only the strapping, if any, needs to be removed.

Fully automated shredder: The shredded and cleaned-up polystyrene is transferred to the Big-bag. This can be stored for several weeks without risk of flying off and without smell.

CAPACITY : 200 kg/hour


Depolluting crushing => Compaction collection => Reclaiming


Depolluting crushing :

  • Equipment adapted to the environment and users.
  • Crushing and clean-up of the PSE by bacteriological sterilisation (Heat > 65°C in the calibration area).
  • Filtration of impurities by the separator.
  • Automatic packaging in a Big-bag (simplified packaging without pallets, without cartons and without plastic packaging films).
  • Easy odourless storage, without the risk of flying off (indoor as well as outdoor storage).
  • Large capacity machine, for quick use without waiting for the operator.

Collection and compaction

  • The content of the Big-bag is sucked up into an industrial compactor.
  • Reduction in volume by 40.
  • Rotation of Big-bag.
  • Packaging of PSE into large loaves.


  • Transporting the PSE to processing lines
  • The PSE becomes secondary raw material
  • Environment: Eliminates incineration or burying

Technical sheet : GMMI – Polystyrene shredder